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Jump star bungee rules


Bungee jumping is an extreme sport. Certain risks are inherent with this activity including but not limited to motion sickness, discomfort due to harness, or injuries arising from bungee snapping. By participating in this activity, particiant and/or parent/guardian acknowledges and assumed responsibility for such risk.

jumping is prohibited for persons who:

• Are under the influence of drugs or alcohol

• Are pregnant

• Are heavy weight lifters

• Have pre-injured tendons

• Have had fractures, in particular to should or arms

• Have had back, neck, or any other type of skeletal or muscular problems

• Have high blood pressure, heart trouble, motion sickness, or nervous disorders

jumping rules

  1. Please follow attendants’ instructions at all times.
  2. Jumper must weigh between 20-200 lbs.
  3. Jumper must be in excellent physical condition.
  4. Attendants must harness and unharness customers.
  5. Jumper must hold onto bungee cords at all times.
  6. Absolutely no flips until attendant says so.
  7. No swinging. Must jump straight up and down in the center of the trampoline.
  8. Do not land head first.
  9. When time is up – you must stop jumping.
  10. Do not jump off the trampoline. Sit on the edge and slide off. No running.
  11. Jump at your own risk.

Consumer tips

  1. It is your active role to determine whether a ride is appropriate for the participant especially if he/she is young.
  2. Watch the ride operate before deciding to participate.
  3. Observe the ride operator and site.
  4. Obey the ride operator’s instructions and all written directions.
  5. Observe height and weight restrictions.
  6. Ask to stop session if you get tired or experience any discomfort.
  7. Move about in an orderly and calm manner without running, skipping, or jumping.
  8. Enter and exit at the designated gates.